Mixing Music Live

An introduction to Live Sound and Mixing.


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Are you an aspiring Sound Engineer?
Do you want to learn live sound? Not sure where to start?
Are you struggling with getting great mixes?

Are you overwhelmed with how much there is to learn about live sound and mixing?

Do you want to learn how to run the soundboard for your church or school's productions and events?

Do you want to know how you can easily prevent and eliminate feedback?

Do you want to know what all those knobs and buttons on the soundboard actually do?

Do you know how to patch all of the equipment together in a sound system?

Do you know how to set up a soundboard to get great sound?

Do you know how to choose the right microphone to prevent feedback?

Would you like to learn the secret to being able to operate any soundboard?

 Mixing Music Live will help you with all of that and more...


Hi, I'm Michelle Sabolchick Pettinato and I've been a professional concert sound engineer for nearly 30 years, mixing international recording artists all over the world. (Click HERE for testimonials).

If you'd like to get into live sound it can be difficult to know where to begin, so I’ve broken it down to what you really need to know to get out there and start mixing. Let me share my experience and knowledge with you as I guide you through the core principles and techniques you need to get started.

What's in the course?

Mixing Music Live

An Introduction to Live Sound and Mixing


Mixing live music should be a fun and creatively satisfying experience.

But there is a lot more than meets the ear that goes into getting a great sounding live mix!

Whether you are doing live sound as a hobby or a possible gateway into a career as a live sound engineer, Mixing Music Live will teach you the basic principles that are essential to achieving great sound.  You'll learn all about the soundboard, how it works and how to get signal to it and properly through it.  How all the parts of the sound system work together, how to choose the right microphone and where to put it, how to use EQ properly, how to use dynamics processing and effects, how to run a soundcheck, build a mix, troubleshoot and more!

Mixing Music Live is an ONLINE video course. Do it at your own pace!  

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Common Terminology

What Sound Reinforcement is

The Sound System

FOH and Monitors


Signal Flow through the Sound System

How to Patch the Stage

Input Lists and Stage Plots/why you need them

Stage Directions

How to Patch the Soundboard/Console

Overview of the Soundboard/Console

Components of the Soundboard

Routing Console Inputs to Outputs

How to achieve Proper Gain Structure

Talkback and Headphones

The Digital Console/Soundboard

Main Surface Features of the Digital Console

Patching and Assigning Outputs on Digital Consoles

Digital Console Quick Start Guide

VCAs/DCAs and Groups

EQ, Dynamics, and Effects

Microphones and Mic Placement

How to Wrap a Mic Cable

How to EQ the Sound System

How to do a proper Line Check and Soundcheck

Doing Monitors from FOH

How to build your mix

Basic Troubleshooting

The course includes 6 Quizzes and 5 Homework Assignments and a Certificate of Completion upon completing the course and passing all assessments.

You can also access the course via the FREE APP at anytime from your smart phone!


You'll also receive additional content including:

Downloadable instrument tracks for learning how to set up gates and compressors, PDFs to assist with lessons, Downloadable MP3s and Transcripts of each lesson, AND Bonus Lessons on Wireless, Sound for Theater, Feedback, and more!  + Access to future updates!


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