Mixing Music Live

An introduction to Live Sound and Mixing.


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Are you an aspiring Sound Engineer?
Would you like to learn the basics of Live Sound and Mixing?
Do you have a passion for Music and Audio?

There is a lot more than meets the ear that goes into getting a great sounding live mix. 

I've been a professional concert sound engineer for nearly 30 years, mixing international recording artists all over the world.  Let me share my experience and knowledge with you as I guide you through the core principles of live sound and mixing.

Tell me more!

Are you interested in learning about live sound and mixing live music?

Do you want to learn how to run the soundboard for your church or school's productions and events?

Are you in band that is struggling with feedback or other sound problems?

Are you a teacher who is always in charge of running the soundboard for school plays and assemblies?


Have you been appointed the ‘in house’ A/V tech but don’t really know how to set up or work the sound system?

Do you want to learn how to properly set up and mix a live show?  

Have you been doing some mixing but struggling to get good sounds?

Do you want to know the key to being able to mix on any soundboard?



Mixing Music Live will teach you all of that and more...

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Mixing live sound isn’t hard, but doing it right and doing it well can be if you don’t understand the principles behind it.

How do you properly operate a soundboard/mixer?

How does the soundboard/mixer connect to the rest of the sound system?

What are the techniques for getting great sounds and building a mix?

How do you get rid of feedback?

How do you get the most out of the sound system?

Whether you’re doing sound as a hobby, as part of your job, or you want to make a career out of mixing, Mixing Music Live will teach you the fundamentals and beyond of mixing live sound.   The course goes in depth to explain how the soundboard works, covering both analog and digital mixers.  You'll learn how to get signal to it and properly through it,  and how all the parts of the system work together.

You’ll also learn:

-How the sound gets from the microphone to the speakers

-What all of those knobs and buttons on the soundboard do

-How to get the best quality sound

-Signal Flow

-Proper Gain Structure

-Proper EQ techniques

-How tools like Gates and Compressors can help your mix

-How to choose the right Microphones and where to place them

-How to EQ the sound system

-How to build a mix

-Basic troubleshooting

Mixing Music Live is an ONLINE video course.  Click HERE for everything that's included in the course.

If you’re just getting started in live sound or have an interest in mixing live shows for your church, school, or local bands this course will teach what you need to know.  But, Mixing Music Live isn’t just for aspiring sound engineers. If you are the person at the company who always gets stuck setting up the sound system for conferences, seminars, and other functions but really don’t understand how to do it, Mixing Music Live can help.


Do you have an interest in mixing live sound but have no idea how to get started?  

Check out Mixing Music Live.

Mixing Music Live will open for enrollment in late 2019. 

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