• Are you tired of not being able to hear yourself clearly on stage?


  •  Have you ever strained your voice from pushing too hard just to hear yourself over the band?


  • Has bad stage sound and feedback ever ruined your performance or worse yet caused you to lose a gig?


You love singing and performing live, you take care of your voice, do your vocal lessons, and are constantly improving your vocal technique…  


So it’s incredibly frustrating when you can’t hear yourself on stage or your vocals are buried in the mix.  Singing louder and harder is not the answer and you risk blowing out your voice. 


You try and tell the sound engineer what you need and he/she responds 'Yeah I got it' but then does something completely different than what you asked for.  


It’s like you’re not speaking the same language!


Don't you wish you knew exactly what to tell the sound engineer so you sound great in your monitors? 





Photo by Gaurang Alat on Unsplash