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Mixing live sound doesn’t need to be intimidating or mysterious.  It’s not black magic and it’s not just having a pair of great ears (although that helps).  There are basic principles that are essential to achieving great sound.  It doesn’t matter if you are mixing live music in a club, a church band/choir, a theatrical event or for a speaking engagement, these basic principles apply to all.

These concepts will allow you to fully understand not only how the mixer/soundboard works, but how to operate it properly to get the best results!  Whether you are doing live sound as a hobby or a possible gateway into a career as a live sound engineer, this course will teach you the fundamentals and beyond of mixing live sound and doing a proper gig.

If you have a passion for music and audio, mixing live music can be incredibly fulfilling and is a great way to let your creativity flow.  My goal is to get you comfortable with the  sound system and behind the soundboard so you can mix great sound and enjoy yourself while doing it!

I’ll be guiding you from the perspective of what you will be dealing with as an aspiring sound engineer with little or no experience, but with the goal of preparing you for what it takes to do the job at a professional level. Though most of the examples will be based around live music, these principles also apply to other live productions like theatrical shows, and live sound for speaking engagements.


Mixing Music Live is an ONLINE video course

Common Terminology

What Sound Reinforcement is 

The Sound System

FOH and Monitors


Signal Flow through the Sound System

How to Patch the Stage

Input Lists and Stage Plots/why you need them

Stage Directions 

How to Patch the Soundboard/Console

Overview of the Soundboard/Console

Components of the Soundboard

Routing Console Inputs to Outputs

How to achieve Proper Gain Structure

Talkback and Headphones

The Digital Console/Soundboard

Main Surface Features of the Digital Console

Patching and Assigning Outputs on Digital Consoles

Digital Console Quick Start Guide

VCAs/DCAs and Groups

EQ, Dynamics, and Effects

Microphones and Mic Placement

How to Wrap a Mic Cable

How to EQ the Sound System

How to do a proper Line Check and Soundcheck

Doing Monitors from FOH

How to build your mix 

Basic Troubleshooting

The course includes 6 Quizzes and 5 Homework Assignments.

You'll also receive additional content including: 

Downloadable instrument tracks for learning how to set up gates and compressors, PDFs to assist with lessons, Downloadable MP3s and Transcripts of each lesson, AND Bonus Lessons on Wireless, Sound for Theater, Feedback, and more!  + Access to future updates!

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