I would appreciate a few minutes of your time in completing this survey gathering data on the experiences of women professionals in the music industry and students planning on entering the industry.  The survey is anonymous and results will be kept confidential.





As a professional concert sound engineer for over 30 years,  I’ve had a successful career as a woman in a male dominated industry and for many years have been asked why are there so few women in audio, music, touring?   What it’s like being a woman on tour/in live sound?  I’ve had countless discussions about it, co-founded a non-profit organization ( to support and empower women in the industry and yet in a time where things should be moving forward by leaps and bounds, in many ways very little progress has been made.


Yes there are many more women in audio, music production, and event production than ever before but there also is a new set of challenges that they are dealing with. Very often women are left feeling alone and isolated.


After years of speaking at various schools and universities and talking to female students, hearing from Soundgirls members, meeting and speaking with other women on tour about their experiences, it’s become clear that there still exists a big problem.  Things are moving  backwards in ways they shouldn’t.  It has been my personal initiative for the past several years to find out what women are dealing with and what kind of support would best serve them in an effort to create positive change.