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LISTEN! Essential Program

Get ready to take your mixes to the next level!

With my 3-Step H.I.T. Production Process, you'll learn the EQ techniques for creating professional quality mixes.

You Will Learn:

  • How to improve your listening skills.
  • The most important step in getting great sounds.
  • 7 Easy ways to instantly recognize trouble frequencies.
  • Which EQ filter is best for various mix situations.
  • How to EQ vocals and instruments to create space in a mix.
  • How properly using EQ adds life to a dull and boring mix.
  • How to apply EQ techniques to create dramatic effects.
  • How to shape an average mix into something noteworthy.
  • How to solve problems like feedback with EQ.
  • How to EQ the live sound system so you can have a great sounding show.
  • A super simple technique for EQ'ing anything quickly and easily.
  • EQ techniques for sculpting your mix.

You'll also get 10 Ear Training Exercises in Critical Listening, more than 30 audio files to download and practice your EQ skills, 2 Quizzes, and these fantastic Bonuses!  

  • Checklist for a Great Mix
  • Where's that Sound? Frequency Chart of Common Instruments
  • Which Filter? Quick Reference Guide of EQ Filters.
  • Course Transcripts and MP3s of each Lesson

PLUS a Special Surprise Bonus for Enrolling TODAY!

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What People Are Saying:

Michelle is on her "A Game" when it comes to EQ! Even though I have been a musician for 45+ years, I had never really had anyone explain EQ to me in such a detailed, informative, and educational manner; not even in the ballpark as to how she has done it. I really appreciate the listening exercises and the 3-part sectioning layout of the course. I totally recommend her course to anyone who is serious about mixing and who is willing to put in the work!

Scott Carr

LISTEN! is such a valuable course. Before enrolling in LISTEN! I couldn’t create separation and clarity without boosting the sound into oblivion. Now I can use EQ to sculpt a mix, I know how to hear and what to cut. If you produce your own material in a home studio, this course is an absolute must. The pain of listening back to all the mistakes I made in previous releases is being replaced by the joy of some of the best sounding tracks I have ever produced—and it's down to Michelle's easy to apply expertise.

Kevin Keohane

LISTEN! is awesome. I’m a lifelong musician and have never heard music like I hear it now.  Now I can mix much better, but more importantly I can talk to producers about the sound I am looking for.  This is increasing my network connections so important to my music career.

Andre Jarreau

You should be charging 10X’s the price of this course, because that’s what I paid at Berklee, and the critical listening and mixing lessons are so much better in LISTEN!. We used to listen to sine waves and pink noise, and none of that translated when I was trying to clean up my cymbals or get my guitars to stand out in my recordings and live shows. Your lesson showing how to use notes on my guitar or another instrument to identify frequencies is GENIUS.

Glenn Allen

Before enrolling in LISTEN!...I struggled with how to identify frequencies and listen correctly. I didn’t realize what I was doing wrong. Now I can now use EQ with confidence. I’ve spent a lot of money for other online learning things that didn’t help me to shape my mix until I enrolled LISTEN!.

Jedidia Chilijila