LISTEN! is an online course, and your satisfaction is extremely important to us.  If you have any questions about the course or whether it is for you, we encourage you to contact us at:  [email protected] or see the FAQs.


The REFUND POLICY is as follows:

14 day, money back guarantee during which time you can complete up to and including Lesson 12 of Module 2. 

Upon receipt of your payment- You will be given partial access to the course up to and including Lesson 12 of Module 2.  To unlock the rest of the course including the Bonus materials, you will need to fill out a simple assessment upon completion of Lesson 12 in Module 2.

The assessment will ask if you are satisfied with the course and content so far and that you agree to the terms below. 

  YES-  Unlocks the rest of the course, including the downloadable audio files, transcripts, and bonus content.  YES waives your right to a refund even if you are within the 14 day period.

  NO- This course just isn’t for you and you would like to request a refund by sending an email with the subject heading REFUND to: [email protected]  Once you request a refund, you will no longer have access to the course and be removed from the Facebook group and live coaching (if applicable). Refunds may take up to one week to process.

There will be no refunds offered for anyone who goes beyond Lesson 12 of Module 2  or after 14 days from the purchase date.

You may request a refund at any time BEFORE completing Lesson 12 of Module 2, IF you are within 14 days or your purchase date, by sending an email with REFUND in the subject heading to:  [email protected] 

Refunds can only be made to the original form of payment.

Mix Review (VIP Plan)

If you purchase the VIP Plan and receive a mix review, you will not be refunded for the cost of the mix review ($100).  The remainder of the price paid will be refunded if the terms of the refund policy are met.