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Interested in Live Sound but not sure where to start?

Thereā€™s more to mixing live music than just turning knobs and pushing faders on the soundboard.Ā 

MMLĀ teaches you the most important principles needed to have a smooth running, successful show that sounds great. Get started with this introductory course!


Start creating great sounding mixes by using my simple 3-Step HIT Production Process to master EQ and Frequencies.

I'll teach you the same techniques I use every day for mixing major label artists.

LISTEN! is the one program that every person working in music or audio needs.


Ready to get serious about a career in live sound?

If you would like to transform your passion for audio into a successful career, this is your unique opportunity to be mentored byĀ industry veteran-Michelle Sabolchick.Ā 

One-on-one professional mentoring Ā specifically tailored to you.


Comments from Students

Syrilyn Tong - Mixing Music Live Student

"I really needed help understanding dynamics, and your drum files helped me play around with the controls. I felt like I couldn't do that in a live setting and didn't have a drummer of which to sit around beating drums for me!

Your course gave me more confidence, not only in the specific material that you presented, but also to experiment with my own mixer's capabilities."

Rachel Suffian- Mixing Music Live Student

“My biggest take away from Mixing Music Live was the inputs and outputs on the soundboard. I wasn't sure what they all did before but now I have a better understanding of that and the use of inserts and EQs. I know have a better understanding of the general signal flow from setting up the stage to the order of operations on the soundboard. Also, I did not have much knowledge on dealing with feedback, so knowing tips on how to ring out the PA were very helpful. I feel a lot better than I did before.”

Simon Boniface- Mixing Music Live Student

"Fantastic and really enjoyed the course.  I must say that this has been the best course that I have done. Thank you for putting the effort into to sharing your professional experience for non professionals such as myself.

My confidence level is high for the level of equipment I use. I've not driven massive desks - the largest being A&H iLive  T112. I would struggle on other digital desks but this course has helped particularly with gaining some understanding on the Midas M32."

Musician/Producer- Michael Elsner

"Michelle is an absolutely fantastic teacher and has taken this subject that can really be very overwhelming and she was able to simplify it in such a way that any musician can not only fully understand EQ but they can actually master the EQ  techniques that professional engineers use. The one program that every musician needs to take is LISTEN!"


Musician- Paul Cox

"My mixes, since I've done LISTEN! have gotten clearer and there's a clarity in my mix that I didn't have before.  I definitely would recommend the course for anybody who wants to improve their skills.  The results were very quick"


Bass Player/Songwriter-Henderson K Shatner 

"The biggest thing I struggled with before taking the course was really making space and finding space in the mix.  Often when there was a lot going on I really struggled to get the clarity and the presence and the separation that I wanted in the mix. Since doing the program people have commented on how much better the material sounds. LISTEN! is going to make your mixes sound a whole level better in terms of professional quality. "


Musician- Irving Berner

"My recordings went up leaps and bounds, LISTEN! was worth every penny, I can recognize frequencies better, it saves me a ton of time when I’m recording and mixing.   I would absolutely recommend LISTEN!.  What I enjoyed the most was seeing the results I got, my demos sound more professional. LISTEN! truly works!"


Recording Engineer/ Musician-Scott Carr

"Michelle is on her "A Game" when it comes to EQ! Even though I have been a musician for 45+ years, I had never really had anyone explain EQ to me in such a detailed, informative, and educational manner; not even in the ballpark as to how she has done it. I really appreciate the listening exercises and the 3-part sectioning layout of the course. I totally recommend her course to anyone who is serious about mixing and who is willing to put in the work!"

Live Sound Engineer/Musician - Bill Talley

 "If you want to learn how to mix sound you can not go wrong with this course. Michelle's teaching style allows you to hear and see what is happening instead of trying to visualize what a book is trying to convey. I have dozens of books, but none cover it in such an easy to understand way as this course does. Money well spent. Thank you Michelle!"

Musician Singer/Songwriter-Courtney Young

"Before enrolling in LISTEN! I couldn't tell the frequencies, name different instrument sounds or talk the terminology used in EQ techniques.  After completing LISTEN I feel confident knowing what filters to use, when to apply EQ Techniques, what sounds to look for, what sounds need fixing and how to use the different sound frequencies.  My biggest takeaway from the course is I listen to sounds and music differently now and love it!

I really enjoyed LISTEN!. The course content material was relatable and very interactive. I now experience music and sounds in an entire different view. This course is exactly what I needed for creating my own music."