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Explore the essentials of Live Sound and Mixing and discover the real-world techniques used by professionals for mixes that demand attention.


Hi I'm Michelle,

Professional Concert Sound Engineer, Co-Founder of Soundgirls.org, Full Sail University Hall of Fame Inductee, Mentor, and mother to 8 crazy cats! 

For over 30 years I’ve been mixing artists including Elvis Costello, Gwen Stefani, Melissa Etheridge, Styx, Goo Goo Dolls and many more.  I’ve helped them sound great and I want to help YOU.

With my exclusive programs, you have the unique opportunity to learn from directly from me, and industry expert teaching you proven methods used by myself and other award winning engineers.

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When it comes to mixing in the studio and in live sound, many people overlook some very simple but incredibly important things that can dramatically increase the quality of their mixes.

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What does it take to succeed in Live Sound?

Whether you are just getting started in Live Sound or looking to make it your career, this 2-Part guide will show you what it’s really like to be a concert sound engineer AND 7 things every live sound engineer should know.


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There’s a lot more to mixing live music than just turning knobs and pushing faders on the soundboard.  If you want to get started in live sound, Mixing Music Live teaches you the techniques you need to have a successful and great sounding show.



Start creating great sounding mixes by using my simple 3-Step HIT Production Process to master EQ and Frequencies.

I'll teach you the same techniques I use every day for mixing major label artists.

LISTEN! is the one program that every person working in music or audio needs.



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If you would like to transform your passion for audio into a successful career, this is your unique opportunity to be mentored by industry veteran-Michelle Sabolchick. 

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A few of the artists I've worked for...

Michelle has been the sound engineer for Elvis Costello
Michelle has been the sound engineer for Janet Jackson
Michelle has been the sound engineer for Goo Goo Dolls
Michelle has been the sound engineer for Melissa Etheridge
Michelle has been the sound engineer for Gwen Stefani
Michelle has been the sound engineer for Mr Big
Michelle has been the sound engineer for Adam Lambert
Michelle has been the sound engineer for Styx
Michelle has been the sound engineer for Thievery Corporation
Michelle has been the sound engineer for Christina Aguilera
Michelle has been the sound engineer for Indigo Girls
Michelle has been the sound engineer for Spin Doctors

What Artists and Students have to say about working with Michelle

Paul Gilbert- Guitar Player Mr Big, Racer X talks about working with Michelle on tour.


Tommy Shaw- Guitar Player and Vocalist for STYX talks about working with Michelle on tour.


Amy Ray & Emily Saliers of Indigo Girls talk about working with Michelle on tour.


Irv Berner talks about how LISTEN! saves him time when mixing and improved the quality of his recordings.


Henderson K Shatner talks about how LISTEN! helped him create space in his studio mixes and gave him solutions to his mixing problems.


Paul Cox Talks about how the LISTEN! program helped him quickly improve his audio skills and live mixes.


Beckie Campbell- FOH Engineer/Production Manager

"As a live sound engineer for a myriad of top artists throughout her amazing career, Michelle knows what you need to learn and know to get you into the live touring world." 


Josiah Walewha-Singer/Songwriter & Producer

"Working with Michelle is one of those experiences that is hard to put into words... it has been one of those moments that you understand that there are actually people out there who will care about you beyond what they can benefit back."



Andre Jarreau - Musician

LISTEN! Student

LISTEN! is awesome. I’m a lifelong musician and have never heard music like I hear it now.  Now I can mix much better, but more importantly I can talk to producers about the sound I am looking for.  This is increasing my network connections so important to my music career.


Finn Pedersen- Bass Player/Sound Engineer

Mixing Music Live Student

The Mixing Music Live course helped me further my work of making live sound for the 2 amateur bands where I play bass.  I now have a better understanding of how to mix and make a good live sound and how to avoid feedback both in the rehearsal room and in a live situation.

Scott Carr- Recording Engineer/ Musician

LISTEN! Student

Michelle is on her "A Game" when it comes to EQ! Even though I have been a musician for 45+ years, I had never really had anyone explain EQ to me in such a detailed, informative, and educational manner; not even in the ballpark as to how she has done it.  I totally recommend her course to anyone who is serious about mixing and who is willing to put in the work!

Bill Talley -Live Sound Engineer/Musician

LISTEN! Student

If you want to learn how to mix sound you can not go wrong with this course. Michelle's teaching style allows you to hear and see what is happening instead of trying to visualize what a book is trying to convey. I have dozens of books, but none cover it in such an easy to understand way as this course does. Money well spent. Thank you Michelle!

Simon Boniface-

Mixing Music Live Student

I must say that this has been the best course that I have done.  The order in which the subjects have been presented and the demonstrations have been brilliant. Everything has been very well explained and helped to re-enforce the knowledge for me. Thank you for putting the effort into to sharing your professional experience for non professionals such as myself. It is much appreciated and put to good use.