What's the Frequency Kenneth?

If you're old enough to remember, that was the name of a song from the band R.E.M. in the mid 1990s. 

What's the frequency is also a question that scares a lot of music people.

When I first started mixing, ( a long, long time ago ) one thing that scared me the most was feedback.   

I'm sure many of you can relate...you are struggling to get the vocal over the insanely loud stage volume and dodging feedback bullets left and right.  While you search frantically with the EQ to figure out which frequency it is, the audience and band is glaring at you. Not a pleasant situation to be in.

For me, at the time the problem was I couldn't identify frequencies. That also made it very difficult for me to get things to sound the way I wanted them to.

I didn't know how to make muddy sounding vocals really shine and pop in the mix.  I didn't know how to mix so you could hear all of the instruments without them interfering with each other.  I knew EQ was the...

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