What does it take to confidently and successfully run sound for a live show? 

When you’re just getting started in live sound it can feel overwhelming at times.  There’s so much to know- from all of the different equipment, to mixing techniques and learning through trial and error takes a lot of time... Where do you start?

How much do you really need to know and what do you really need to know?  I'll tell you... 

7 Things Every Live Sound Engineer Should Know.

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If you want to:


  •  Understand how all parts of the sound system work together.


  •   Have more confidence using the soundboard/mixer.


  •   Be able to quickly control and eliminate feedback.


  •   Get the sound right and deliver a quality mix.


  •   Work more efficiently.


Set yourself up for success with this quick start guide of the principles, methods, and techniques used by professional live sound engineers for having successful shows and events.



About me...

I've been a professional sound engineer for 30 years, working with artists like Elvis Costello, Gwen Stefani, Melissa Etheridge, Adam Lambert and many more...  

My simplified, no nonsense approach will teach you the essential principles for working in live sound.