Do you want better sounding mixes?

Maybe you’ve tried everything- plug ins, expensive gear, compression but nothing helps.


If you're still struggling to get professional quality mixes and you're

  • tired of spending money on needless plug ins that don't fix the problems in your mix
  • frustrated because your demos and songs keep getting rejected
  • losing gigs and bookings because your mix just doesn't cut it and your live shows sound terrible


The answer to better sounding mixes is simple and it will not cost you a thing!


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As a professional sound engineer, I must consistently deliver the highest quality mix for my artists.


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The 3-Step Process 


Mixing Your Music Like a Pro

Whether you're producing music from your home studio or mixing live sound, in this FREE Quick Start Series I’ll introduce you to the exact process I use for mixing iconic artists like Elvis Costello, Janet Jackson, Gwen Stefani, Adam Lambert, and many more. 



  • 3 steps to producing a high quality mix.    


  • What you need to do to take your mixes from amateur to Pro.


  • The BEST Tool for mixing that you're NOT using.


  • The SECRET to Creating Clarity and Definition in your mixes.



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