Does the course offer any kind of certification?

A Certificate of Completion will be issued upon completing ALL of the lessons in the 6 main Modules and the 4 Bonus Lessons in the Bonus Module. 

You also must have received a passing grade on all six of the ‘End of Module Assessments’.

How do I access the course?

Once your payment is processed, the course is available to you online at any time and immediately.  The videos are NOT downloadable, so you will need access to the internet to view them.  

How long do I have to complete the course?

There is no time limit to complete the course.  Once purchased, you’ve got unlimited access to the course and all future updates. 

Does this course come with DVDs?

No- This is an online course only and you will not be able to download the videos.  However, in the bonus content, you will find downloadable MP3s of the audio from each lesson, also PDF Transcripts, and additional content.

Who is this course for:

 -The amateur sound engineer.

 -Anyone wishing to learn the basic principles of live sound and how to operate the soundboard.    

 -Musician’s wanting to improve the sound of their live shows.

 -Teachers or faculty involved with school theatrical productions who wish to instruct students on the proper use of the soundboard or improve their own skills. 

 -Anyone looking for an introduction to live sound and what is involved in mixing a live show.

 -Anyone who wants to know how to set up and operate a soundboard or mixer for live events.

Mixing Music Live teaches a basic intro to live sound with a focus on the fundamental principles that underly everything we do in live mixing. The material is presented at the beginner or amateur level.  If you already understand signal flow, proper gain structure, and what all the components of the soundboard do, the course may be too basic for you.  

The course focuses heavily on the soundboard/mixer, but also covers topics relevant to mixing sound for a live event. For more details on what is included in the coure click here. 

If you have been doing some mixing or working in live sound but are not comfortable on the mixer, Mixing Music Live might be for you.   If you are not familiar with the basic principles or proper mixing techniques, they are presented in this course. 

What this course does not teach:

Formulas and calculations for determining power or system requirements. There is no math.  

Mixing Music Live will NOT tell you what kind of sound system you need, how to design, or purchase one.

This course does NOT teach system optimization.

This course is built around being able to mix a live show or event. While I do cover some basic sound system set up, the course is more focused on how to use the soundboard.  To see everything that the course covers click HERE.

What kind of equipment is used in the course?

Due to the wide range of equipment available, I feature a variety of different soundboards/mixers throughout the course.  Since controls and features vary from one to another, I tried to make it as comprehensive as possible for what you might encounter.  The lessons show both analog and digital soundboards.

Does the course include exams?

There are 6 quizzes (assessments) that are to your benefit and mine.  They will let you know if you are comprehending the material and I can see if you are struggling with anything.

Will I have homework?

There are  homework assignments that you can complete on your own.  You will not be graded or have to turn them in.  These are for your benefit and mostly focused on ear training, to make you a better sound engineer.   It is entirely up to you if you choose to complete them.

Do you offer a guarantee or refunds? 

Mixing Music Live has a conditional 30-day refund policy.  For full details please see the Disclaimer/Refund Page.

If you have any questions on the course and/or whether or not it is what you are looking for please email:  [email protected]