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Tommy Shaw

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Comments from Students

"Before enrolling in LISTEN! I couldn't tell the frequencies, name different instrument sounds or talk the terminology used in EQ techniques. After completing LISTEN I feel confident knowing what filters to use, when to apply EQ Techniques, what sounds to look for, what sounds need fixing and how to use the different sound frequencies. My biggest takeaway from the course is I listen to sounds and music differently now and love it! I really enjoyed LISTEN!. The course content material was relatable and very interactive. I now experience music and sounds in an entire different view. This course is exactly what I needed for creating my own music."

Courtney Young
LISTEN! Student

"I must say that this has been the best course that I have done.  The order in which the subjects have been presented and the demonstrations have been brilliant. Everything has been very well explained and helped to re-enforce the knowledge for me. Thank you for putting the effort into to sharing your professional experience for non professionals such as myself. It is much appreciated and put to good use."

Simon Boniface
Mixing Music Live Student

"I am learning so much- mixes already sounding clearer and punchier and separated. LISTEN! is such a valuable course. Before enrolling in LISTEN! I couldn’t create separation and clarity without boosting the sound into oblivion. Now I can use EQ to sculpt a mix, I know how to hear and what to cut. If you produce your own material in a home studio, this course is an absolute must. The pain of listening back to all the mistakes I made in previous releases is being replaced by the joy of some of the best sounding tracks I have ever produced—and it's down to Michelle's easy to apply expertise."

Kevin Keohane
LISTEN! Student

"I’ve worked in live sound on and off for two decades and I found this course to be perfect. Many things I knew but others I've been doing without actually understanding why it works. After completing Mixing Music Live, I’ve got much higher confidence. Particularly in the analog world versus digital world. The videos are engaging and the assessments are awesome."

C. Grace
Mixing Music Live Student

"The Mixing Music Live course helped me further my work of making live sound for the 2 amateur bands where I play bass. I now have a better understanding of how to mix and make a good live sound and how to avoid feedback both in the rehearsal room and in a live situation."

Finn Pedersen
Mixing Music Live Student

"I really liked Mixing Music Live. It was very thorough, and even though I don't own or (thus far) use a large digital mixer, I feel that it's not so intimidating any more. I have taken another live sound mixing course, which was much shorter and not as thorough.  Mixing Music Live gave me more confidence, not only in the specific material that you presented, but also to experiment with my own mixer's capabilities.  I really needed help understanding dynamics, and your drum files helped me play around with the controls. I felt like I couldn't do that in a live setting and didn't have a drummer of which to sit around beating drums for me!"

Syrilin Tong
Mixign Music Live Student

"Michelle is on her "A Game" when it comes to EQ! Even though I have been a musician for 45+ years, I had never really had anyone explain EQ to me in such a detailed, informative, and educational manner; not even in the ballpark as to how she has done it. I really appreciate the listening exercises and the 3-part sectioning layout of the course. I totally recommend her course to anyone who is serious about mixing and who is willing to put in the work!"

Scott Carr
LISTEN! Student

"You should be charging 10X’s the price of this course, because that’s what I paid at Berklee, and the critical listening and mixing lessons are so much better in LISTEN!. We used to listen to sine waves and pink noise, and none of that translated when I was trying to clean up my cymbals or get my guitars to stand out in my recordings and live shows. Your lesson showing how to use notes on my guitar or another instrument to identify frequencies is GENIUS."

Glenn Allen
LISTEN! Student

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