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What do you do when the soundboard won’t fit in the gig?  You mix outside!


A few years back I was on tour mixing the Goo Goo Dolls and encountered this peculiar problem.   When we arrive at our gig in Birmingham England, we find that it’s on the third floor of a large building.  I take a preliminary walk around the venue to scope out the FOH mix position and find a small booth in the middle of the room.  With just enough room for the house lighting desk and their digidesign console,  I quickly realize that there is no way my Midas H3000 analog beast is ever going to fit in this booth.  The house audio tech tries to convince me otherwise and begins preparing to remove his desk.


At the same time, load in is beginning at the back of the building and it is a brutal carry straight up a long staircase.  Did I mention this was on the third floor and there is no elevator?  Goo Goo Dolls do not travel light.  There is an entire semi-truck packed full of gear that the stage hands are hefting up the stairs to the...

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